2015.07.21 Tue 23:05
I don't wanna forget.
These words bring back sad memories.

"Those beautiful days come to my mind."

There's no turning back.
He is crying aloud.

I can call your name.
It’s just a dream.
He makes me believe that he is asleep.

A vain illusion, fascination, like an apparition.
Aerial airship, and a passionate you.

Even If I leave my loved ones, what would it matter?
You won't love me.
I daresay you'll be leaving no matter what.

I'm not your sweet heart.
But, the story goes on.
I can live with that.
I can't live without you.

Next time you see me, kiss my tears away.
So I'm waiting for you in the morning sunlight.

I'm always here.
Beside you, forever.

Oh, have a heart and wake up, my dear.